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School Closings

The Baldwin-Woodville Area School District uses the Blackboard Connect Notification Service, to send a telephone message providing important information about school closings, emergencies and other important school related information within minutes to all parents/guardians.
The successful delivery of information is dependent upon accurate contact information for each student.  Please make certain to update your primary phone number(s) on Family Access. 
School closings will continue to broadcast on TV stations listed below.  All morning announcements will be made prior to the time students must board the bus. 
KSTP- Channel 5                     WCCO- Channel 4                        KMSP- Channel 9                           KARE 11- Channel 11                                       
Parents and students may also call the SCHOOL CLOSING HOTLINE @ 684-2200.   A brief message will inform the callers of the status of school for that day.  If there is not a current message, school will be on time. 
If severe weather develops during the day, Blackboard Connect Notification Service will be implemented; parents are also encouraged to monitor the TV stations listed above, or call the SCHOOL CLOSING HOTLINE, to be informed of school closing early. 
Please do not call the schools, bus garage, or transportation office to request closing information as it is important to keep the lines open for us to make the necessary arrangements for late start or cancellation.