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Beginning December 1 – December 15, 2016, students at Greenfield Elementary School will be collecting items for the annual Greenfield Food Drive.  The Baldwin Community Pantry has provided suggestions of most needed items.  However, any item that you are willing to donate is appreciated!  Our goal is to gather a variety of items, so we are encouraging each grade level to focus on a certain area of need.

Kindergarten:  Paper Products (Toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, etc.)

First Grade:  Dry Goods (Cereals, Hamburger Helper, Pancake Mix, etc.)

Second Grade:  Canned Goods (Soups, canned tuna or chicken, vegetables, etc.)

Third Grade:  Health and Beauty Items (Shampoo & deodorant are the least donated items.  Other suggestions: toothpaste, soap, hand soap, lotions, etc.)

Fourth Grade:  Cleaning Products (Spray bottles of cleaners or other cleaning supplies.  $1 Cleaning products from Dollar General work!)

Fifth Grade:  Baking Goods (Cake mixes and frosting, brownie mix, Jello, pudding mix, baking soda, vanilla flavoring, etc.)

We thank you for your support and generosity!! 


If severe weather develops during the day, the Skylert Notification System will be implemented; parents are also encouraged to monitor the TV stations or call the SCHOOL CLOSING HOTLINE (715-684-2200), to be informed of school closing early. 

Please do not call the schools, bus garage, or transportation office to request closing information as it is important to keep the lines open for us to make the necessary arrangements for late start or cancellation.

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​See attached link for the November / December edition of our Blackhawk Bulletin.  It is full of important dates and information.





Keep a Sick Child at Home if You See the Following:

·         Fever. This is one symptom that automatically rules out school, no questions. (Anywhere from 100 to 101 degrees or higher is the usual guideline used by most schools.) Your sick student should be fever-free without medication for at least 24 hours before you send him/her back to school.


·         Diarrhea. This could be a sign of a viral infection, so it’s best to keep your student at home. It’s also important to keep rehydrating him/her  with an oral rehydrating solution when they have diarrhea, and the best way to do that is by keeping them at home.


·         Vomiting. Aside from the fact that your student won’t be comfortable, he/she could vomit again ( one bout of vomiting is usually followed by another). Keep them home until they have gone 24 hours without throwing up.


·         Cough. This depends on how severe the cough is. Coughs can spread infection to other students. A serious cough can also keep a child from getting a good night’s rest, which means they’ll be too tired for school in the morning. As a general rule, if your student has a serious cough, particularly if it’s accompanied by breathing troubles, call your doctor and keep them home. But if it’s just a mild cough and no other symptoms, they can probably go to school.


·         Rashes. Skin rashes could be a sign of a contagious infection, such as impetigo. You should have a rash evaluated by a doctor before sending your student to school.


·         Pinkeye (conjunctivitis). This infection can quickly and easily spread from one child to another, as many parents of grade-school age children already know all too well. Keep your student home until the doctor says they may return.​


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Greenfield Elementary School, in partnership with parents and

the community, will provide a safe place where all students have

the opportunity to learn. We are dedicated to … building

cooperative spirit; teaching citizenship and responsibility;

emphasizing academic effort and excellence; recognizing and

nurturing individual talents and creativity; developing positive

 self-esteem; appreciating diversity; and promoting life-long


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Tiffanie Grodevant


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J.R. Dachel

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Administrative Assistant

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