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Mrs. Quam



Speech-Language Therapist

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I'm at Greenfield Elementary in room 115 on Days 1, 3 and 5.
684-3334-ext. 115
I'm at Viking Middle School in the Guidance Area on Days 2 and 4.
698-2456-ext. 117
I received both my B.S. and M.S. Degrees in Communicative Disorders from the University of Wisconsin -River Falls.
School success is dependent on good expression and comprehension of language.  Everything a student does in school is based on language, including reading, writing, learning subject matter and getting along with the other students.  Sometimes a student's poor school performance results from an underlying speech and language disability.  Improving my students' speech and language skills improves their school performance.  That's one of the many reasons I love my job.




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